(SG) Blackberry Kush (Humboldt Grown)

Humboldt Sun-Grown, (Dense, medium-larger sized nugs) Sun-grown, outdoor. All-natural and organic growing methods. Grown in Humboldt, CA by a seasoned-grower, over fifteen years of experience. Incredibly high-quality mountain-fresh water and pH levels | Afghani is a landrace strain that makes up the backbone of many modern indicas. Blackberry is a fairly well-balanced. People often use Blackberry for calming anxiety without too much sedation. Crossing Blackberry with Afghani amps up the indica body effect, which transforms a plucky hybrid into a sedative strain. This strain has a noteworthy aroma. Overall, it has a strong, sweet berry scent. This strain is definitely an evening or nighttime treat. It’s perfect to use right before dinner. It tends to promote appetite and ease gastrointestinal distress. Between the relaxing high and the good food, you’re likely to find yourself in a state of pure bliss. This strain is perfect for when you just need to chill out. It’s sedative and calm, perfect for the end of a high-strung day. | Patients reported relief from: Stress, Headaches, Chronic pain, Nausea, Muscle Spasms, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia and Lack of Appetite | Genetics: Afghani and Blackberry | Terpenes: Caryophyllene – Pepper, Humulene – Hops, Limonene – Lemon, Linalool – Lavender, Pinene – Pine | Notes: Loud, sweet, berry, diesel