(PR) Sugar Haze *Limited Exclusive*

OG Genetics: (Colombian Santa Marta) x (Sam the Skunkman’s Original Haze) From Seedsman.com: “Sugar Haze Regular is a mind-blowingly potent indica-sativa hybrid strain that is a cross of a Colombian Santa Marta with Sam the Skunkman’s Original Haze creation. The Santa Marta hails from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in North West Colombia. At 5,700 meters it is the world’s highest coastal mountain range being situated just 42km from the Carribean coastline. Encompassing 17,000 km² this botanical wonderland is the source of no less than 36 rivers. Several different cannabis strains thrive there and are used locally by the native dwellers. Since the 1960s it has attracted American cannabis enthusiasts during South American adventures. | Sugar Haze is a very fast-flowering sativa-dominant Haze with a potential THC content of 23% that is not recommended for either the novice or casual user. Sweet-tasting and a heavy-hitter, its short flowering period can be traced back to highly selective cross-breeding for the desired characteristics such that it is possible to grow outdoors where it will finish by the end of October in northern latitudes. | Sugar Haze is one of the most popular regular strains in the Seedsman collection, with customers rating the plant a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. “It was amazing. Very tasty and the high was perfect”. – Zaebos (16/01/16) “Very heavy citrus smelling, dense buds and a strong long-lasting high”. – That Guy (29/03/16) “A bit slow to grow but the wait was worth every second” – Brian (02/08/16)”